Our factory was founded in 2008 in Qingdao
As the industry leader to design and produce spare parts for Outboard Propeller in China.
Our products are widely used for Brands engines,for example,Yamaha,Mercury,Honda,Suzuki,Tohatsu etc.
Quality and honor
Carried out during Casting process, Machining Center, Painting and Packing for every propeller.We also have a series of analysis equipment to assist the inspection such as Coordinate Measuring Machine, Rubber Torque Tester, Hardness Tester and Dynamic Balance Machine.
Major Propeller Brands
Design for the propeller has been patented to improve and extend service life.Successfully produced, in order to fill the gap in the market.

  • We may design the Propeller and packing assembly to make working condition better and have gained 5 patents

  • Patent material —to prolong the service life

  • 12 hours response restless year round. Provide OEM service quality and honor company has passed ISO9001 certification.

  • Advanced Production

  • Advanced Technical

  • Provide OEM

seaman commitment
  • pre-sales
    Response in time and make a reasonable quotation
    Ensure the best quality and delivery time
    Handle quality problems in time
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    Basic Propeller Terminology

    A. BladeTip           B. Leading Edge
    C. Trailing Edge    D. Cup
    E. Blade Face        F. Blade Back
    G. Blade Root        H. Inner Hub
    I. Outer Hub           J. Ribs
    K. Shock-Absorbing Rubber Hub
    L. Diffuser Ring     M. Exhaust Passage

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    Find the right propeller in 3 easy steps!

    1.Find out which propeller size (diameter and pitch) you have now (written onyour prop)
    2. Select your engine type on our site and automatically find thepropellers that fit!
    3. Select your current pitch propeller, or optionally choose a different pitchto change the performance (read below)